Steamboat Slip and Fall Attorney

Steamboat Slip and Fall Attorney

There is no end to the hazards that lead to slip and falls. Icy doorways, wet floors or untrimmed tree roots frequently cause blunt force trauma, twisted ankles, and back injuries. These incidents are painful and limiting at the least and for the older population, they can even be disabling or life-threatening.

Slip and fall cases also called premises liability claims, come with their challenges and the primary one is proving fault.  Businesses and homeowners have a duty to keep their premises safe from dangerous conditions, but there are circumstances where they may not be liable for your damages. They can argue that the defect was minor and you could have avoided it. Or they may claim that they never knew about the condition.

Steamboat Slip and Fall Attorney

However, in other situations, such as if the property owner should have known about the hazard, they could be held liable.  Yet even then, often insurance companies will blame your injuries on your carelessness rather than their insured’s lack of maintenance. These claims require investigation and the skills of an attorney familiar with these types of claims.

The Brown Law Firm brings 17 years of experience to the table when representing injured clients, including those who suffered a slip and falls. We understand the complexities involved in these cases and are ready to find the best evidence to support your point of view.

Your injuries may be limiting your ability to work and participate in family activities so we consider it our job to handle your claim while you focus on recovery and getting back to a life that you enjoy.

Injuries from slip and falls may occur both indoors and outside. Weather is the most common element in outdoor hazards with public places often forgetting to clear ice or snow, or stores failing to clean up a known hazard on the floor.   Standing water on floors is a common condition for the indoors but so are poorly lit stairs and compromised flooring.

If you sustained injuries from a fall, do not automatically assume it was entirely your fault. Property owners are supposed to clear hazards and a failure to do so exposes them to liability. Before you decide to forego a claim, talk to us first. Contact The Brown Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation.  We will never charge you a penny for our fees, if we do not recover for you.