Insurance Bad Faith

Steamboat Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Insurance can be a godsend when you face major property damage or an accident. It can cover large health expenses and provide peace of mind when in the past, you would certainly face financial ruin. You purchase it with the hope you never need it but feel glad when something occurs and it is there for you.

But sometimes, insurance companies do not perform as promised. Despite the promises your insurance agent made when purchasing coverage and even when you filed a claim on a covered event, the company may find reasons to deny your claim.  You may even find the reasons for denial keep changing or notice other suspicious circumstances.


Even after you go through their internal appeal process, you may not receive coverage.  Of course, the denial of this coverage — the very coverage that you thought you could rely upon when you needed it — causes great hardship.

When you and your family face these challenges with your home, ranch, or car insurance, it can affect your ability to pay your bills, your mortgage, or participate focus on healing from an injury.

The Brown Law Firm can help you hold your insurance carrier accountable and receive compensation and damages. These claims are called bad faith claims because they are purposely taking steps to avoid covering your damages.

The Brown Law Firm has been pursuing insurance companies for nearly 20 years. We recover against them when they fail to provide coverage as stated in your policy. If you know your injury or the damage to your home, business or ranch is covered by your policy and your claim is still denied, it is time to take stronger action.

Damages you may receive include lost income and other compensatory damages. If an insurance company is in the habit of denying good claims, punitive damages in excess of the policy limits are also possible in bad faith claims.

Do not give up when your insurance company denies a claim. See a good trial attorney to investigate it further so you may receive compensation. Contact The Brown Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.