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Auto Accident Lawyers

At best, car collisions are irritating developments.  They disrupt any plans you had for the day and start a long process where you must arrange for repairs if not a replacement vehicle.  In other situations, car collisions can be life-altering.  At worse, they can lead to the death of the driver, a passenger, or pedestrian.

Dealing with the Insurance Companies

When someone else was at fault or the collision you may find yourself dealing with their insurance company. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay fairly on car accidents and question the extent of your injuries. You may be inundated with communication and often face pressure to settle before you finish treatment. It is also common that the amount offered for a settlement does not even cover your medical bills or lost wages.

Steamboat Auto Accidents Attorney

Perhaps the best way to make insurance companies take your injuries and expenses seriously after a car collision is by hiring a personal injury attorney.

At The Brown Law Firm, we will carefully consider the evidence in its entirety and never pressure you to settle before you are ready. The Brown Law Firm offers the trial skills and experience necessary to get the most from your auto accident claim.  We will fight hard for you so you can recover a fair and just settlement.  Should your case not settle we will fight for you through trial.

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Types of Damages

When you are injured in a car accident to address your harms and loses, you are entitled to economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include such things, as medical expenses, travel expense, lost wages, etc.  These types of damages are often provable by showing the loss or expense you experienced as a result of the collision.

Other damages are referred to noneconomic damages.  Non-economic damages include such things as inconvenience, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, etc.  The amount of compensation you receive for the non-economic damages will depend in great part on how well those damages are expressed to the insurance company.  At The Brown Law Firm, we will work closely with you to determine how the collision impacted your life, so we can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

By Your Side, Fighting For You

It is our goal at The Brown Law Firm to listen to you so we understand how a car accident affected your life. From there, we build a convincing case to present to an insurance adjuster. If the case fails to settle, we will fight for you in court and tell your story to a jury.

After an accident, there is a limited time for you to recover damages so you need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Call The Brown Law Firm 970-439-1270 and schedule a Free Consultation before you talk to an insurance adjuster about your accident.