Child Trauma And Sexual Abuse

Colorado Child Abuse Lawyer

A Colorado Child Abuse Lawyer can help when your child has been injured.  You should be able to trust those who take care of your child. But despite all your best precautions, your child may suffer sexual abuse or other injury at the hands of church officials, police officers, teachers, and daycare providers, and others.

You can hold the offenders accountable. While there may not always be satisfactory follow-through by the criminal system (especially if the abuse involves police or guards in juvenile penitentiaries), you can seek justice against the person who harmed your child through a civil lawsuit.


The Brown Law Firm offers compassionate and dedicated representation for those families who suffer the effects of child abuse, and for adults who suffered abuse as a child.  With approximately 2 decades of trial experience, we offer solid negotiation and litigation skills to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Every child abuse claim is handled with sensitivity.  In the pursuit of justice, we never want to re-traumatize your child or you. We investigate each claim fully and keep you informed.  Our goal is that your child’s case be handled thoroughly with the care it deserves.  During our investigation we will leave no stone unturned, as we seek to determine how an organization failed to protect your child.

Child abuse can cause extensive physical injuries and emotional trauma. In addition to paying medical bills for injuries both physical and psychological, you and your child have other harms and losses as well that we can explore during a free initial consultation.

Since health insurance rarely covers all expenses, pursuing damages in a civil claim is a way to assure payment of current and future medical and psychological treatment expenses.  In addition, you can also recover for pain and suffering experienced as a result of the trauma.

Depending on the nature and severity of the abuse, some children never reach full recovery and remain dependent on their parents or another care provider for essential needs. These expenses can also be sought through litigation.   A civil action against the offender or an organization or company they were employed by can be initiated even if the offender never faced criminal charges or a jail sentence.

We understand that you can never reverse childhood trauma and abuse completely, but we can help you seek the justice you desire against those that harmed your child or you.

Contact The Brown Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation regarding your claim.  If we do not prevail in your case, you will never pay us any fees.