Can You Hunt or Fish Without a License?

can you hunt without a license

Hunting and Fishing can be a challenging and rewarding outdoor activity for people all over Colorado and the US. It’s important when participating in these outdoor activities that you follow all safety rules and be certain you have the proper license for the types of hunting and fishing you’re participating in.

For most states, you will need a license for hunting and fishing and will need to observe the regulations of your local wildlife commission authority.

In addition, you may find yourself charged with offenses you did not know were illegal such as:

  • Having a loaded gun or rifle in your automobile.
  • Hunting on private land without obtaining permission
  • Wasting game
  • Not tagging your game
  • Not leaving proper evidence of an animals sex
  • Not having proper hunting or fishing license

In the event that you find yourself faced with a misdemeanor or felony charge for hunting violations, it’s important to have representation from an experienced attorney.

Attorney Sean Brown at The Brown Law firm is not only an avid hunter and fisherman but also an attorney with approximately 20 years experience defending against hunting and fishing charges. If you’ve been charged with a hunting or fishing violation do not hesitate to call for representation on your case.

Below are resources for residents of Colorado to learn more about local hunting and fishing laws in the state, when each season states and facts to know.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Brochures

can you hunt without a license