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The Brown Law Firm, LLC is a law firm that is unwavering in its vigorous legal representation of injured victims as well as individuals facing DUI charges, Hunting and Fishing Violations, and other criminal charges.  Regardless of the matter, a Brown Law Firm Attorney knows that when people face legal challenges, the legal system is often overwhelming and unforgiving, and we are here to help.

When injured, rather than attempt to navigate the legal system or negotiate with the insurance company on your own, a personal injury attorney can assist you with obtaining the best result possible outcome in the matter.  Attorney Sean Brown, the founder of The Brown Law Firm, LLC, has approximately two decades of representing injured individuals and defending those facing serious state and federal criminal charges.  He has taken many of those cases to trial.

The Brown Law Firm handles civil cases including wrongful death claims, aviation disasters, slip and falls, vehicle negligence claims, insurance bad faith, injuries to children, and sexual assault cases arising from the misconduct of those employed in churches, corporations, and the prison system.  An  attorney is available to discuss the matters with you when you contact the office.

The firm also works with individuals needing vigorous legal representation to fight serious criminal charges.  Whether hunting and gaming violations, domestic violence, DUI, theft crimes, or felony charges, an attorney can help you understand and fight the charges against you.

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Attorney Sean Brown has successfully tried numerous criminal and civil matters to verdict for his clients.    A Brown Law Firm attorney will never pressure you to take a plea deal or settlement.   Instead, expect you attorney to provide you with sound legal advice, but whether to proceed to trial will always be your decision.

Whether you face criminal charges or your life has been altered by an injury, The Brown Law Firm is here to fight legal battles with you and guide you through the legal process.

Having grown up in a small rural community in Kentucky, The Brown Law Firm’s founder, Attorney Sean Brown, understands the stress involved when you cannot work on your ranch or attend to your day job to support your family.  Also, Sean is an outdoors man, who also understand the loss one experiences by not being able to get outdoors to fish, hunt, ski, and just explore.  Our legal team will take time to get to know each client and work to understand their concerns and the uniqueness of their case.  Contact Us today to speak with an attorney 970-439-1270.

You are not just a case

Sean has been practicing law since 2000.  Since then he has fought to obtain millions of dollars on behalf of his injured clients and obtained many successful results on for his criminal clients.  Sean has represented clients from around the country in courts located in Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Sean further developed his trial skills at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and was invited to serve as teaching faculty of the same at the college in 2016.  He is admitted to practice law in Colorado, Alaska, Kentucky, and Illinois and has experience trying civil and criminal cases in both federal and state courts.

Sean believes in order to successfully represent a client, an attorney must first understand and appreciate the unique circumstances presented by each individual.  The Brown Law Firm operates by this standard.

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Having a skilled trial attorney on your side, who works to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of you and your case offers nothing but advantages when you face criminal charges or when you are fighting against an insurance company to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  We will work hard to assure that you will not be disappointed in the personal service of The Brown Law Firm.

Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation and gain peace of mind through a challenging ordeal.  We are available to meet with you in Steamboat Springs or Denver or if you had rather have a phone consultation instead of coming to our office, we can accommodate that as well.  We are here in Colorado to provide you with sound legal counsel and compassionate advice, and to make the process of obtaining legal representation as seemless as possible.

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  • The Spence Law Firm, LLC "We had hired Sean Brown for a criminal case, Sean has been the utmost respectful, helpful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, lawyer, who does his research and knows the law, We had gone to trial, and to have him sit by us and in his calming manner, and to defend in pure knowledge and has a way is natural to him, I would recommend him very highly!!"